DTN ProphetX® Web Services


ProphetX Web Services, in short PXWeb, provides the facility to access real time quotes and historical market information from most modern programming languages using mechanisms based on Web Services standards.

Although PXWeb usually returns an XML result, it is possible to request for the response to be generated as a simple HTML table fragment that can be easily embedded into a web page.  Other possible formats for the result include CSV and JSON.

The purpose of this site is to provide enough information to access PXWeb and some guidelines about the use.  This site offers:

  • Documentation to access the PXWeb operations.
  • A basic user interface that helps to understand the PXWeb operations by doing manual invocation.
  • Simple code samples to help in the preparation of a client program that access PXWeb.

It is important to differentiate between PXWebDoc (this site) and the URLs used to access the actual ProphetX Web Services, which are documented in the connectivity overview section.  PXWebDoc is just a documentation site with some facilities to help in understanding how to use the service.


Each PXWeb operation is described in a different section that contains information and a basic facility to test the access to the operation.


Operations for retrieving real time quotes.

This operation returns real time values for symbols selected by latest type of activity.
This operation calculates some functions, commonly known as "Greeks", used for evaluating price sensitivities of derivatives like options.
This operation returns a list of real time values for the requested symbols.


Operations for preset calculators.

This operation calculates the value of common "Crack" spreads.
This operation calculates the value of common "Crush" spreads.


Operations for retrieving historical market's data.

This operation returns historic information for a given date range.
This operation returns historic information for a given time range.
This operation returns historic tick information for a given time range.
This operation returns historical prices of the contract chain for a given future option root symbol.
This operation returns history corrections.


Operations for retrieving news stories.

This operation returns an index of news stories for a given date range.
This operation returns the text of a story based on a given identification key.


Miscellaneous operations to obtain information.

This operation returns a list of symbols based on a search criteria.
Find symbol is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
This operation returns a summary of real time quote requests performed by the user.


This section contains guidelines and examples to prepare the client side to invoke the PXWeb operations from different platforms.  The connectivity overview section gives general details about connectivity and can be used as the starting point to become familiar with the service.

Access to the web services has been tested from the following platforms: