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Description of FIDs sorted by number:
List of older deprecated FIDs.
Number Tag Description
1LastLast Price
4HighHigh Price
5LowLow Price
6OpenOpen Price
8Open2Open Range Price 2
9BidCurrent Best Bid Price
10AskCurrent Best Ask Price
11LastVolumeLast (incremental) Volume
12BidSizeNumber of shares or contracts being offered at the bid price
13AskSizeNumber of shares or contracts being offered at the asking price
14CloseClose Price
16Close2Close Range Price 2
17PreviousPrevious Settlement Price
18VolumeYesterdays total Volume
19CumVolumeCumulative Volume since mkt open
20OpenInterestThe total number of options and/or futures contracts that are not closed or delivered on a particular day
23TradeCountThe actual number of trades
26ChangeChange in price between previous day's CLOSE price and today's LAST price
27Week52High52 Week high price
28Week52Low52 Week Low Price
29Wk52HighDateDate of 52 week high
30Week52LowDateDate of 52 week low
31MarketExchange the data is coming from
32BidDateTimeDate and Time of last Bid
33AskDateTimeDate and Time of last Ask
34TradeDateTimeDate and Time of last Trade
35BateDateTimeDate and Time of last Bid Ask Trade or Exception
36DirectionPrice Direction
37LastBidAskMost recent Last Bid or Ask
42LbaChangeMost recent Last Bid or Ask change from Previous
45YieldDividend per share or Effective interest rate expressed in percent
46DividendLatest dividend amount
48DivExDateDate on which ex-dividend will trade
49FIGIFinancial Instrument Global Identifier
50MaturityDateThe date on which a bond matures.
51CouponRateThe interest rate assigned to a bond when it is issued.
52Bid1The bid before BID
53Bid2The bid before BID1
54Ask1The ask before ASK
55Ask2The ask before ASK1
56ContribContributor Name or Code for latest trade/bid/ask
60LatestLatest known price. Most recent of Last Bid Ask Open Close Previous
61DaysToExpirationNumber of days until expiration
63VolatilityA measure for variation of price of a financial instrument over time
70CallPutFlagIndicates whether option is a call or a put - empty=Not an option, C=Call, P=Put
72UnderlyingSymbol name of the underlying security or commodity
73UnderMarketMarket ID of the underlying security or commodity
76FirstPrice of First Trade of the Trading Day
78XchgIdIdentifier for the exchange on which the instrument trades
79IssueDescriptionIssue Description
80UserDescriptionUser Description
81MonthShort description used for futures to indicate month and year of the contract
85VenSymbolThe name that the Vendor sends down for this instrument. If this field doesn't exist or have a value, then we are not translating the vendor symbol, and the Symbol field contains the name.
86SettledateThe market date of the settlement price held in the SETTLE price field
87SeqNumSequence number of the last tick
88VWAPVolume Weighted Average Price
89TickSizeThe minimum price movement of a trading instrument
91SicCodeStandard Industrial Classification Code
92NaicsCodeNorth American Industry Classification System Code
97SymTypeGeneric Symbol Type - Commodity Future, Com Fut Opt, Equity, etc.
98ZoneTime Zone the Symbol Trades in.
102PriceToEarningsRatioPrice to Earnings Ratio - A valuation ratio of a company's current share price compared to its per-share earnings
120MonthlyVolumeMonthly Volume
121YearlyVolumeYearly Volume
122VolumeDayCodeIndicates numeric day code (1..31) for the previous volume
124CurrencyCodeRepresents the International Standard Foreign Currency ISO 4217 code in which the transaction was executed
125SicMajorClassStandard Industrial Classification code - Three digit number corresponding to a general industry
126ShortInterestMarket-sentiment indicator that displays the total number of shares of a particular stock that have been sold short by investors but have not yet been covered or closed out
127AverageVolumeThe number of shares traded per day, averaged over some time period, usually 4 weeks
128PercentHeldInstitutionPercentage of outstanding common shares being held by institutional investors, such as pension plans
129MarketCapThe total value of the tradable shares of a publicly traded company
131LiabilitiesThe total current liabilities held by a company (in millions)
134TradeConditionTrade condition code
135MarketConditionMarket condition code
136UnitOfMeasureUnit of Measure, Physical measure of traded item
137LongTermDebtMonies owed for a period exceeding one year (in millions)
138YTDHighPriceHigh price from beginning of year to today's date
139YTDHighDateDate high price for the year occurred
140YTDLowPriceLow price from beginning of year to today's date
141YTDLowDateDate low price for the year occurred
142YearEndCloseClosing price at the end of the year
143LastADateLast reported annual date
144LastQDateLast reported quarterly date
147AnualDividendRateAn indicator of per-share or aggregate dividends paid to stockholders over the course of one year
148LatestDivDeclaredDateDate on which the most recent dividend was declared
149LatestDivRecordDateThe date established by an issuer of a security for the purpose of determining the holders who are entitled to receive a dividend or distribution
150LatestDivPayDateDay on which dividend is paid
152BateCodeCloseBate Code of Close
153BateCodeClose2Bate Code of Close2
154BateCodeHighBate Code of High
155BateCodeLastBate Code of Last Price
156BateCodeLowBate Code of Low
157BateCodeOpenBate Code of Open
159BateCodeOpen2Bate Code of Open2
161DilutedEPSA performance metric used to gauge the quality of a company's earnings per share if all convertible securities were exercised (Trailing 12 months worth)
162Latest12MoEPSLatest 12 month earnings per share
163FiscalYearEndThe completion of a one-year, or 12-month, accounting period
164SettlementPriceThe most recent Settlement Price. See SETTLE DATE for the date this price represents
165DilutedEPS3YrGrowthRateDiluted EPS 3 Year Growth Rate
166DilutedEPS5YrGrowthRateDiluted EPS 5 Year Growth Rate
167LastSplitDateThe date on which the last stock split occurred
168LastSplitFactorThe dividing factor when stocks are split. Ex: 0.5 = 2 shares for every current share.
169PrevSplitDateThe date on which the stock previously split
170ExercisePriceOption Exercise Strike Price
171ExpirationDateDate instrument expires
177FractionFraction that integer prices are stored with
178FractionVenFraction base specified by the vendor
179FractionDspFraction base used to format price for display
180PrevSplitFactorThe previous dividing factor when a stock was split
181UPC11830Uniform Practice Code restricted securities
187VendorData Vendor
192RecentMost recent price from trade or settlement.
193ContractDateDate the contract is due.
194ActualSymbolThe actual traded symbol behind an alias symbol
196ReportDateDate of last report
197ReportTimeTime of last report
198CashCash on hand and demand deposits
199CashPerShareCash per shares outstanding ratio
236CntrHighContract High
237CntrLowContract Low
239ShrOutstndNumber of shares outstanding
242AssetsThe total current assets held by a company
244AvMatrtyThe weighted average of the time until all maturities on mortgages in a mortgage-backed security
247QuoteDelayMinimum number of minutes quote is delayed at the vendor (0 = No delay)
248RootSymbol Root
249BetaBeta - the sensitivity of the instrument based on index returns.
263OPENSTOCKOpening Metal Stock
264MOVEINMetal Movement In
265MOVEOUTMetal Movement Out
266MOVEMENTMetal Movement Net
267CLOSESTOCKClosing Metal Stock
268DISPATCHCODEPlatt's 2 character Dispatch Category Code
270CallRootOption Root for calls
271PutRootOption Root for Puts
272NumOptMthsNumber of options months
273OptPrcMultOption Price Multiplier
276FundCodeSubcategory of a Mutual or MoneyMarket fund
277FootnotesFootnote codes associated with a Mutual or MoneyMarket fund
280MarketPriceThe price that a Closed End Mutual Fund is traded on for the exchange for which it is listed
281ShortTermCapitalGainsThe short term gains for a fund
282LongTermCapitalGainsThe long term gains for a fund
283UnallocatedDistributionsCosts that cannot be directly related to a specific cost area
284ReturnOfCapitalPayments back to "capital owners" (shareholders, partners, unitholders) that exceed the growth (net income/taxable income) of a business
285TotalCashDistributionThe amount of capital that is returned to the investor or business owner when a business is liquidated
286StockSplitDivFactorStock Split or Dividend Factor
287WrapPriceWrap Price
288CurrentYieldThe yield of the bond at the current moment
289EstLongTermReturnEstimated return over the life of the portfolio, calculated according to formulas proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
313CommodityThe Root Symbol of the Underlying commodity, or the Name of the underlying commodity.
354ContractHighDateDate on which the contract was the highest
355ContractLowDateDate on which the contract was the lowest
356EODLastRunThe date and time the End Of Day (EOD) process was last run for this symbol
357AccruedInterestThe interest that has accumulated since the principal investment
358BeginningNAVPrevious month-end net asset value
359Annualized7DayYieldThe annualized value from a Money Market fund over the last seven days
360Gross7DayYieldThe yield on an investment before the deduction of taxes and expenses
361Subsidized7DayYieldThe yield based on net income and includes contractual expense reimbursements
362ThirtyDayYieldCalculated by dividing the net investment income per share for the 30 days ended on the date of calculation by the offering price per share on that date
363ThirtyDayYieldDateThirty day yield date
364AverageLifeDaysWeighted average life in days
365CalldateThe date on which a bond may be redeemed before maturity
367ExtendedLastExtended Last
383PostalCodePostal Code associated with Location
384CountryTwo or Three character Country Code
385RegionRegion Code for a region within a Country (such as a state, province or territory)
386CityName of nearest City or Place for reporting location
387PlaceDescription of Location or Place
388StationIdReporting Station ID or Site ID
389LatitudeLatitude in Degrees
390LongitudeLongitude in Degrees
391ElevationElevation in Feet
392MinTimeStepMinimum Time Granularity of time series updates in seconds. 0==Continuous
394SettlementChangeChange from the settle price prior to the Settle Date compared to the current Settlement Price
395IndicativeOpenMost recent pre-market indicative trade price
398BidlevelsCurrent number of bid levels
399AsklevelsCurrent number of ask levels
400-449Market depth for bids
450-499Market depth for asks
615SummaryNameFor summary symbols, this is the name of the summary statistic
652ShipToIdThe Ship-To Identifier
653SoldToIdThe Sold-To Identifier
990SettleDateTimeDate and Time of last Settlement Price
3500CropDataTypeCrop data type
3501LocationLocation code
3502DistrictDistrict code
3503ContractUnitsContract units
3505MidpointMidpoint price
3506PDayMidpointPrevious day midpoint price
3507MidpointChangeMidpoint change
3508UnderlyingContractUnderlying contract symbol
3510USDARegionCodeUSDA Region Code
3511USDARegionNameUSDA Region Name
3512MedianTradeMedian trade
3513GasVolumeWgtdAvgGas volume weighted average
3514PowerVolumeWgtdAvgPower volume weighted average
3515HeatRateHeat rate
3516RegionCodeRegion code
3517FirstActivityDate of first activity
3523DeliveryDateThe last date that users will complete delivery
3524FirstDeliveryDateThe first date that users will complete delivery
3525ExchMidPriceMid price from the exchange
3526ExchMidPriceDateMid price date from the exchange
3527ExchMidPriceTimeMid price time from the exchange
3528FloorBidFloor bid price
3529FloorBidDateFloor bid date
3530FloorBidTimeFloor bid time
3531FloorAskFloor ask price
3532FloorAskDateFloor ask date
3533FloorAskTimeFloor ask time
3534OfficialBidPriceOfficial Bid Price
3535OfficialBidDateOfficial Bid Date
3536OfficialBidTimeOfficial Bid Time
3537OfficialAskPriceOfficial Ask Price
3538OfficialAskDateOfficial Ask Date
3539OfficialAskTimeOfficial Ask Time
3540UnofficialBidPriceUnofficial Bid Price
3541UnofficialBidDateUnOfficial Bid Date
3542UnofficialBidTimeUnOfficial Bid Time
3543UnofficialAskPriceUnofficial Ask Price
3544UnofficialAskDateUnOfficial Ask Date
3545UnofficialAskTimeUnOfficial Ask Time
3546OfficialEvaluationPriceOfficial Evaluation Price
3547OfficialEvaluationDateOfficial Evaluation Date
3548OfficialEvaluationTimeOfficial Evaluation Time
3549UnofficialEvaluationPriceUnofficial Evaluation Price
3550UnofficialEvaluationDateUnofficial Evaluation Date
3551UnofficialEvaluationTimeUnofficial Evaluation Time
3552EvaluationPriceEvaluation Price
3553EvaluationDateEvaluation Date
3554EvaluationTimeEvaluation Time
3556StockOnWarrantsStock on warrants
3557StockCancelledWarrantsStock cancelled warrants
3558OpenRange1Open range price 1
3559CloseRange1Close range price 1
3561OpenRange1BateBATE code for open range 1
3562OpenRange2BateBATE code for open range 2
3563CloseRange1BateBATE code for close range 1
3564CloseRange2BateBATE code for close range 2
3565LtradeLast trade
3566TotalContractCumulativeVolumeThe total of all cumulative volume values for all contracts of the same root
3567TotalContractVolumeThe total of all volume values for all contracts of the same root
3568TotalContractOpenInterestThe total of all open interest values for all contracts of the same root
3569TotalContractVolume2The total of all volume values for all contracts of the same root
3570TotalContractOpenInterest2The total of all open interest values for all contracts of the same root
3573IncotermInternational Commercial Terms code
3577BasisFixBasis Fix
3579DateRangeDate Range
3580WeightDesignationWeight Designation
3581FirstNoticeDateThe first date that users will get notified that they have been assigned a delivery
3582LastNoticeDateThe last date that users will get notified that they have been assigned a delivery
3583FirstTradeDateThe date on which the contract will start trading
3584LastTradeDateThe date on which the contract will cease trading
3585FirstPositionDateThe first date on which the exchange will accept intents and run assignments for deliverable contracts
3586LastPositionDateThe last date on which the exchange will accept intents and run assignments for deliverable contracts
3587FirstHoldingDateThe date when the exchange will begin accepting position dates, where applicable, for deliverable contracts
3588LastHoldingDateThe date when the exchange will no longer require position dates, where applicable, for deliverable contracts
16035PmtTermsPayment terms
16036EffectiveDateEffective Date of the current reported price.
16037ProductSupplierAbbreviation of the supplier of the product
16038BrandedB = Branded, U = Unbranded, anything else is undefined
16039TerminalLocationAbbreviation of the city in which the rack is located
16040TerminalOwnerRack owner
16041ExchangePartnerExchange Partner
16042ProductNameName of the product
16043RackCityFull name of the city in which the rack is located
16044RackStateState abbreviation for where the rack is located
16045GrossNetIndicatorGross, Net, Spot anything else is undefined
16046LastMoveThis is the change value since the last update (not the change since the previous day's close)
16047LastMoveDateThe date that the price last changed.
16048LastMoveTimeThe time that the price last changed.
16049EffectiveTimeEffective Time of the current reported price.
30569DTNUnitFor grain prices these are numeric codes: 66=Bushel, 67=Hundred weight, 76=Long ton, 77=Metric ton, 83=Short ton
30571DTNExchangeRateExchange Rate
30572DTNInputTypeFor grainbid data, this is the data input type into the DTN grainbid system. 1=Basis, 2=Cash. For cash input, basis may be estimated.
30573DTNDisplayTypeDisplay type
30574DTNQuotedPriceQuoted Price
30576DTNQuotedUnitFor grain prices these are numeric codes: 66=Bushel, 67=Hundred weight, 76=Long ton, 77=Metric ton, 83=Short ton
30577DTNQuotedCurrencyQuoted Currency
30578DTNStartDeliveryStart Delivery
30579DTNEndDeliveryEnd Delivery
30581DTNQuotedBasisQuote Basis
30873DTNBasisDifference between the underlying future price and the cash price
30878DTNElevatorIdUnique identifier for a grain elevator location
30879DTNElevatorNameThe name of the elevator
30880DTNElevatorStateThe state the elevator is in (can also be a Canadian Province or Territory)
30881DTNElevatorCountyThe county the elevator is in
30882DTNElevatorCityThe city the elevator is in
30883DTNElevatorZipThe zip code the elevator is located in
30884DTNElevatorLatitudeThe floating point latitude for the elevator's location
30885DTNElevatorLongitudeThe floating point longitude for the elevator's location
30886DTNElevatorDistanceThe distance from the elevator to Halifax, NS
30887DTNBasisSymbolThe underlying future contract the basis is calculated or quoted from
30888DTNFipsCodeThe Federal Information Processing Standard Code for the county

*NOTE Not all the FIDs are present in all the symbols.