DTN ProphetX® Web Services


This operation returns a list of news stories and their identification keys.

Parameter Value
Password* Password is case sensitive.
Filter A boolean expression comprised of keywords tied together by operators "AND", "OR" and "NOT" and parenthesis for grouping.  Default value is no filter.
Limit Limit on number of news stories to return. Default value is 100.
TZOffset Time zone offset in minutes to add to the time on the news when returned. Default value is 0.
Format+ Optional parameter to request the result in an specific format.  Default value is XML.


*Mandatory parameters are marked with an asterisk.
+This parameter is not supported when using the STD invocation.

This operation returns an index of NEWS stories that are uniquely identified by a key.  The story key is used to obtain the actual body of the the story via the GetNewsStory operation.


Supported format codes are: XML, HTM, CSV and JSN.