DTN ProphetX® Web Services


This operation provides the facility to find symbols that contain a given string in an instrument's symbol, description, or meta-data. This operation works best for finding symbols based on known meta-data fields such as location, provider, or grades. Please note the types of meta-data stored with symbols is different for different categories of symbols. Also the descriptions and meta-data associated with symbols does change from time to time which can affect the results.

The simplest search can be performed by entering a single keyword. Multiple keywords can be combined with "or" to match either word. Example: Butter or cheese The word "not" excludes the next keyword. Example: Butter or cheese not "cash settled" Parenthesis can be used to group portions of the search. Example: (Cheese spot) or (Butter not 2020)

Use cases that need to only search symbols or need to get all symbols for a particular market should use the search pattern features built into GetQuoteSnap, GetHistory, and the other requests.

This operation has a default limit of 200 symbols and a maximum limit of 4,998 symbols in a single request. If a query has more results than the specified limit, the server will return a PageToken in the header of the response. If a client makes another request with the same parameters plus the PageToken from the previous response, the server will return results starting from where the previous request ended. When no more symbols are available, the last response will have no PageToken value.

Parameter Value
Password* Password is case sensitive.
Search Text Search text to match against symbols, descriptions, and meta-data.  This parameter is case insensitive.
Limit Limit on the number of symbols to return.  The default value is 200 symbols, and the maximum limit for a single request is 4,998. Using the Page Token with multiple requests can be used to get an unlimitted number of responses.
Page Token A page token returned from a previous request. It is used to resume a request that matched more symbols than the Limit allowed in one request.
Format+ Optional parameter to request the result in an specific format.  Default value is XML.

Example Requests


*Mandatory parameters are marked with an asterisk.
+This parameter is not supported when using the STD invocation.

The following needs to be considered when searching for symbols:


Supported format codes are: XML, JSON, and CSV.